The camping site has 8 cabins and 50 spots  for caravans and tents. The cabins can accomodate 4-5 people. Some cabins have fireplaces and wood stove. All cabins have refrigerators, cooking facilities and kitchenware.

We also have boats and canoes for hire.


Cabins:                                                From 375,- to 675,- NOK
Caravan/ mobile home:                   180 NOK
Spot for tent and car:                        160,- NOK
Spot for MC/ small tent:                   120,- NOK
Adults:                                                   20NOK
Children, 12 – 16 years:                     15,- NOK
Electricity and WiFi:                          50,- NOK pr day
Boats and canoes:                               40,- NOK pr hour